All on Four Implants

Replacing all your teeth without replacing all your teeth.

As ironic as that may sound, it is actually possible! A single tooth replacement is scary enough let alone going through the horror of having a complete set of teeth replaced with implants. Thankfully, you don’t have to go through that! With All on Four (A04) implants, a complete set of teeth can be replaced using just four implants.

How is this possible? What does the procedure involve? How can you get an all on four teeth replacement? You will find all the answers here below.

Why is this even necessary?

It’s understandable if you’re cringing at the thought of having to replace all your teeth, anyone would. Yet, replacing a full set of teeth often becomes unavoidable for various reasons:

Age: As we all inevitably grow older, the body changes: wrinkles show up, joints start aching, mobility is lost in varying degrees, and guess what else gets lost? Teeth! Statistics show that about 28% of adults aged 65 and above are completely edentulous, meaning they have absolutely no teeth left.

Sickness: Periodontal disease (basically an infection affecting the gum) and other conditions like osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and even diabetes or high blood pressure can contribute to teeth loss.

Injuries and Accidents: No one goes around hoping to be involved in an accident, but these things happen anyway and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Injuries from accidents can lead to teeth loss and the need for a replacement.

What happens when you get teeth implants?

Just like natural teeth which have a root extending into the jaw on which the crown rests, implants are also fixed by injecting a titanium screw into the space left by the missing tooth. Titanium works perfectly because it is an alloy engineered to have properties that are similar to that of the human bone.

All on four implants make all the difference for teeth replacement. Rather than injecting a separate titanium screw for each tooth, a denture is set on just 4 titanium screws acting as anchors. With only two of these implants (one for upper teeth and one for lower teeth), a complete set of teeth can be replaced.

What the AO4 procedure involves

Just like any surgical procedure, the dentist will start by administering some form of anesthesia (either local or general) to prevent pain. Before the A04 gets implanted, any previous implants you had will be removed. If there are any decaying or damaged teeth still left, they would all be extracted alongside any tissue on the gums and jaws that may have been infected.

Having prepared the mouth, the titanium screws will then be surgically inserted into the jawbone. Usually, they are distributed evenly: two screws in the front and two at the back. This arrangement will allow for the proper distribution of the denture weights. After insertion, any incisions made during the process will be sutured up and you’ll be given time to relax and allow the effects of anesthesia to wear off.

The whole procedure will last a couple of hours. By the end of that same day, you will have a new set of teeth and a bright smile which may hurt a little as you’ll still be sore from the surgery.


Depending on the patient, it takes between 3 and 8 months to completely recover from the effects of an AO4 implant. The reason for the extended recovery period is because the titanium screws need time to grow into the jawbone structure. Interestingly, titanium screws eventually fit perfectly into the gums and the surrounding dental structure. They even reduce the risk of future bone damage and accentuate the facial features around the jaw area. Who would have thought that the strong jawline you always wanted could come from having your teeth replaced?

The Best Place To Get AO4 Implants

If you live around North Suburbs of Chicago and you think an AO4 implant might be perfect for you, you should schedule a checkup with Dental Wellness at 47, W Dundee Rd, Wheeling, IL. Dr. Daitch has performed many AO4 procedures and has over 25+ years of dental experience. He will be bringing all of this expertise to give you a new set of teeth that you and others will fall in love with every time you smile.

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