Emergency Services

Accidents and mishaps that lead to dental problems happen all the time, particularly when you’re not looking out for them.

From car crashes to slipping, falling and damaging your teeth at home, or getting injured while playing sports, these events disrupt our plans and bring unexpected medical bills. Sometimes, there may not be even be an accident or injury but your gums suddenly start hurting or you randomly feel pain when chewing.

Although we can’t predict when emergencies will occur, there are steps you can take right now, or during an emergency to mitigate the adverse effects and reduce the damage.

Pre-Emergency or Preventive Steps

Regular checkups: Many times, the sudden pain you feel didn’t just start the day you felt it. It’s the result of a condition that started with unnoticeable symptoms. Going for regular checkups will help your dentist identify potential problems and commence treatments before the situation becomes critical. You should register at a dental hospital where a qualified dentist is familiar with your medical history and can monitor you periodically. Dental Wellness plays this role perfectly, providing you with professional and quality dental health care. You can click here to make an appointment in under 5 minutes.

Get dental insurance: The cost of getting dental treatment in an emergency can be quite high. You can have more control over this by taking an insurance policy. Dental insurance helps you pay for treatments in advance and reduces or even completely eliminates the amount you have to pay out of pocket during an emergency. With a health insurance policy, you can better plan your finances without fear of having a hole dug in your pockets by a health emergency.

Get a first aid box: You should always have a set of first aid kits at home, at work, or in your car. This helps with the initial response to a dental or general health emergency before the paramedics arrive or you head to the hospital.

Speed dial: You should always have your dentist or dental hospital’s phone number handy, and it may help to add it to the list of phone numbers on your phone’s speed dial. Also remember to store the number with an easily recognizable name like “hospital” or “dentist.” This way, it will be easy for you or anyone else trying to help to contact the hospital quickly and get you the treatment you need. Add out number: 847-537-7878 to your speed dial right now to contact Dental Wellness in case of any dental emergency.

When an Emergency Happens

  • Stay calm: It’s natural to be disoriented and start panicking when there’s a problem, but that only worsens the situation and doesn’t change anything. Always try to stay cool and think of the next logical thing to do.
  • Seek treatment: If possible, try to get to the hospital for treatment, otherwise, call an emergency number or the hospital to get help. Self-medication or postponing a hospital visit may be dangerous to your health in the long run.
  • Provide necessary information: It is important that you let your doctor or dentist know everything as regards allergies, previous treatments, and underlying conditions. Also, it is a bad idea to hide information concerning habits or previous addictions from your doctor as all of these have to be factored in when making a treatment plan.

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